July. 13. 2020
- About KFTA
President Message
Principles & Aims

Education helps self-realization of all individuals and is the foundation for the development of state. Education cultivates creative and talented people with an upright character and makes them become world citizens, which in return contributes to the common prosperity of the humanity. As the professional teachers’ associations, we, the members of the KFTA, will suggest direction of Korean education and fulfill teachers’ responsibility for the happiness of our students’ lives with continuous research and high-quality education. We will make a greater effort for the improvement of teachers’ status and the respect of educational authority, whereupon teachers will feel worthy and proud by being respected as the true educators in our society. We hereby unite minds of all teachers and adopt this Charter as follows:

1. We endeavor to guide students to form both an upright character and creative thinking.
1. We provide high-quality education that gains recognition from all citizens through regular and ongoing training and research.
1. We protect every student’s rights to education, where no single student feels discriminated by gender, religion, disability, age, ethnic group, and race.
1. We acknowledge teaching as a professional profession that requires continuous education and research, and further foster the sense of ethics and research capacity suitable for this profession.
1. We actively participate in the decision-making process of Korean educational policy and take the initiative in educational reform.
1. We establish the independence of education, defend teachers’ rights, and secure educational environment, where teachers are respected and recognized for their professional excellence.
1. We unite to advance teachers’ social, economic, and legal status and aim to secure educational authority.
1. We endeavor to form a collective education and cooperation community, where parents, local communities, education NGOs, academic institutions, and government agencies all communicate, cooperate and understand one another.
1. We contribute to enhancing the nation’s position in the global scale and promote world peace through international interaction and expansion of Korean Wave in the field of education.

(Adopted by the 100th KFTA Board of Representative held on April 26th, 2014)
The KFTA is a professional teachers' organization which was established on the article 15 of 「Framework Act on Education」 and the article 32 of 「Civil Act」. The KFTA has contributed to advancing Korean education by improving the socioeconomic status of teachers and securing teachers' professional ability. The KFTA will unite all members and improve teachers' social and economic status and develop teaching professionals in order to contribute to the promotion of education and the cultural development. (the Article 2 of 「the KFTA Statute」) According to the Article 4 of 「the KFTA Statute」, the major activities designed to follow the purposes of the KFTA are as below:

1. Matters concerning mutual cooperation among members.
2. Matters concerning treatment, welfare and working conditions improvement of teachers.
3. Matters concerning protection of teachers’ authority and prevention of the infringement on teachers’ authority.
4. Matters concerning increase of opportunity for teacher training programs and establishment of professional ethics in teaching.
5. Matters concerning establishment and operation of the KFTA Education Training Institute
6. Matters concerning improvement of educational environment and educational system.
7. Matters concerning establishment of democratization and independence of education.
8. Matters concerning promoting of informatization of education.
9. Matters concerning educational & cultural exchanges and cooperation with international organizations and teachers’ associations from other countries.
10. Matters concerning improvement of youth welfare and culture.
11. Matters concerning contribution to the promotion of peace, the development of democracy, and the practice of social justice.
12. Matters concerning educational & cultural exchanges with North Korea and promotion of national unification.
13. Matters concerning establishment & operation of 『the Korea Education Weekly』 and research & publication of books for use in education.
14. Matters concerning lease business of the KFTA hall(meeting facilities) and cultural & economic service offer for members.
15. Matters concerning liaison and cooperation with other organizations.
16. Matters concerning mutual aid among members.


This symbol, adopted by the KFTA Assembly of Delegates in 1990, combines four parts of book-shape representing preschool, primary, secondary and higher education. 12 diagrams means various organizations by school, status, subject and etc.

The design also symbolizes the united teacher organization in Korea with the harmonization and cooperation among member organizations.