Aug. 15. 2020
- About KFTA
President Message
Principles & Aims

The Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations (KFTA) was originally established on November 23rd, 1947 as the Chosun Education Association. As the largest and most traditional professional organization the KFTA has contributed to accomplish quality public education and teacher's professionalism. The KFTA has 17 metropolitan and provincial federations of teachers' associations, and 26 functional and affiliated organizations that present a united Korean educational focus on the following activities.

Solidarity Reinforcement
From kindergartens to universities the KFTA represents 40% of the educators in Korea as members. The KFTA aims to represent a teacher organization representing all educators in Korea through a national educators' rally, the National Teacher's Day, and supportive programs for incumbent and prospective teachers.

Collective Bargaining with the Government
The KFTA has collective bargaining with the government twice a year to improve the status of teachers pursuant to 「the Special Act for Improvement and treatment of Teachers’ Status」 (May 1991).

Protection of Teachers' Prestige and Authority
The KFTA recognizes that the protection of educational authority is the basis of all educational activities. The KFTA provides an on/off-line counseling support and the teacher protection-fund in order to establish teachers' authority and professional ethics.

Research and Development on Educational Policy
The KFTA established a ‘Korea Institute for Educational Policy’ to make practical education policies which empower public education and improve the professional ability of teachers.

Supportive Programs for Teachers' Professionalism
The KFTA has contributed to quality education by improving the professional abilities of teachers through various teacher-training programs and educational competitions such as research awards, teaching-material competitions, and so on.

International Exchanges
The KFTA has promoted various international relations as a founding member of Education International (EI) in 1993. To prepare for the reunification of Korea, the KFTA has a vigorous exchange program with North Korean teacher organizations.

Enhancement of Welfare for Members
The KFTA provides diverse beneficial services such as credit card, insurance, travel, cultural performance, shopping, medical care, funeral services, and etc.

The KFTA publishes a newspaper, magazines, and books on education to deliver clear and accurate education knowledge and information.