Aug. 15. 2020
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Welcome to Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations (KFTA)!

Since its establishment in 1947 as the Chosun Education Association one year before the establishment of the Korean government, KFTA built the foundation of the nation's educational system through the ‘New Education Movement’. Also, KFTA has aimed to lead the country's second ‘New Education Reform Movement.’ in 2010. The proposed second Movement is aimed at shifting the focus from standardized testing and academic achievement to developing students' interests, capacities, and talents, as well as placing a greater emphasis on integrating global citizenship education.

In order to succeed the second ‘New Education Movement’, education professionals should be equipped with passion and dedication. Teachers' passion and dedication have transformed South Korea from one of the poorest countries in the world into the 14th largest economic power country in the world.

As the first, largest and the most professional legalized teachers’ organization in Korea, KFTA aims to be the path finder of teachers from kindergarten to university and took an important role of training teachers, principals and professors. The KFTA will continuously assess ourselves and conduct research to uplift the teaching profession to new heights so that teachers can grow to ‘research professionals in education.’

Our future well-being will depend on global thinking with actual action. We now live in the unpredictable, complex, and interdisciplinary, global reality. We have to open our minds to the world. And teachers can help to equip our students be global citizens think globally, and act globally. We are all united for the common goal of seeking a better, more prosperous and peaceful world. Now more than ever, educational leaders, teachers, and students are called upon to tackle the challenges together, all as responsible global citizens of the global community.

Thank you for visiting KFTA’s website and we look forward to working with you to bring it to life in meaningful ways to build a better world for all through our future cooperation.

Ha Yun-Su
The 36th President
Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations