Aug. 15. 2020
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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was launched in Feb. 2008 when the organization of the former Ministry of Education and Human Resources was restructured.

Education International (EI)
EI established in 1993 represents more than 30 million teachers and education employees of 394 member organizations operate in 171. KFTA joined EI as a founding member in 1993 and has various international educational activities with EI affiliated members.

Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS)
EBS established in 1990 offers entertaining and informative broadcasting services through one terrestrial, two satellite, and one FM radio channel. Users can select various quality programs according to their age, social and educational levels.

Korean Education Development Institute (KEDI)
KEDI has researched education systems and teaching-learning methods to improve Korean education since 1972. With regard to research projects and exchange programs, KEDI works with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology provincial board of education, and educational research institutes.

Korea Foundation (KF)
KF established in 1991 promotes a better understanding of Korea in the international community and fosters global friendship by conducting various exchange activities with foreign countries around the world.

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)
AKS was established in 1978 with the purpose of establishing in-depth research on the essence of Korean culture. AKS identifies and interprets traditional Korean culture, defines the academic identity of Korean Studies, and cultivates able scholars with global perspectives and values.

Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation (KICE)
KICE established in 1998 is a government-funded educational research institution. The research of KICE covers not only national curriculum and educational evaluation, but also improvement of teaching and learning techniques, development and authorization of textbooks and implementation national-level educational testing.

Korea Education Research & Information Service (KERIS)
KERIS established 1999 sets up and operates extensive educational information systems and works for policy studies and projects as a government-funded institution.

National Institute for International Education Development (NIIED)
NIIED established in 1977 is to provide quality education for overseas Koreans and to promote international education cooperation through various Korean language education, staff development programs, and scholarship grants.