Aug. 15. 2020
- About KFTA
President Message
Principles & Aims

1947 Established ‘The Chosun Education Association’ (Currently, ‘the Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations’)
1948 ‘The Chosun Education Association’ renamed as ‘the Korean Education Association’
- Published Educational special publication 『New Education』 and 『Vacation Life』
1949 Published Special magazine for elementary education 『New Class』
1952 Initiated ‘National Education Research Competition’
- Joined in WCOTP(World Confederation of Organization of the Teaching Profession) as founding member
1953 Established ‘The Central Education Research Institute’
-started ‘Commendation Ceremony for Meritorious Teachers’ and ‘Education Week’
1958 Established ‘Professional Ethics for Teachers’
1959 Created ‘KFTA Principles’
1961 Founded『Saehan Education Weekly』 (Currently, 『The Korea Education Weekly』)
1966 Held The 15th WCOTP World Conference
1969 Built ‘Manufacturing Facilities for Teaching Aids’
1970 Initiated ‘National Education Materials Exhibition’
1971 Established ‘Korean Teachers' Mutual Fund’
1982 Created and Declared ‘Professional Ethics’ and ‘Principles for Teachers’
1989 Built New KFTA building (at Woomyon-dong)
- ‘The Korean Education Association’ renamed ‘the Korean Federation of Teachers' Associations’
- Adopted ‘KFTA Principles’
1991 Circulation of 『The Korea Education Weekly』 reached 300,000
1993 Joined EI(Education International) as a founding member
1994 Founded ‘Teacher Training Center’
2003 Introduced Direct election for KFTA president
- Founded ‘Online Teacher Training Center’
- Established ‘Korea Institute for Educational Policy’
2004 Launched Online newspaper ‘Hangyo.Com’
2005 Declared ‘Professional Ethics for Teachers’
2007 Established ‘Quality Education Quality Policy Forum’
2009 Held ASEAN-Korea Education Leaders' Forum
2010 Declaration of ‘Dokdo Day’
2011 Launch of 5-day School Week, Legislation of the Master Teacher System
2012 Launch of Initiative to Promote the Correct Use of Language in Schools, Establishment of National Alliance for Character Education and launch of society-wide character education movement, Launch of the first non-governmental ‘KFTA Education Training Institute’
2013 Foundation of ‘New Education Reform Forum’
2014 Declared Charter of KFTA
2015 Hosted the 'International Forum on Character Education' as a preliminary event to the WEF
2016 Co-host and co-organize the 32nd ACT+1 Convention with the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea