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   Signing a MOU with Korea Bar Association
   10812    2011-01-03    

KFTA and Korea Bar Association(KBA) agreed to sign "a MOU to prevent school violence and protect education rights" to contribute to strengthening competitions in public education by supporting education activities of schools at the KFTA building on December 8.

This agreement was signed in order to share and cooperate between KFTA and KBA cases of various disputes and legal battles that might occur in schools since unfortunately many of the cases end up in court since there is no intervening body despite increasing volumes of disputes in schools among students or those against students or teachers.

Through the MOU signed, KFTA and KBA will forge cooperation in various fields: taking part in various school committees(school violence measure committees, school operation committees, school education dispute settlement committees, etc.); engaging in legal consultation and advice for schools nationwide; extending legal services upon the occurrence of school violence(including home violence and sexual violence); jointly striving to prevent school violence; extending support for free legal consultation and court filing to recover the rights of teachers who are members of KFTA; extending legal training for students and teachers; promoting and cooperating on projects of the two organizations such as KBA-sponsored human rights art and literary contests, etc.

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