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Activities to Lead and Realize Education Policies

KFTA is developing alternatives for Korean educational policies based on the public opinion and demands from the classroom. These agendas are realized by activities in the government and the National Assembly.

Collecting opinions from the classroom and making improvements to education policies

Collecting opinions from the classroom and operating committees to develop policy alternatives

Constant on-site surveys/education policy debates and seminars

Proposing reasonable policy alternatives based on research about current education policies and classroom practices

Operation of a public interest corporation (Korea Institute For Education Policy)

Conducting research on improvements to current education policies and publishing reports and policy materials

Engaging in negotiations and legislative activities with the government and the National Assembly

Promoting improvements to education policies through collective bargaining/negotiation/regular consultations with the Ministry of Education

Providing policy suggestions and visiting the National Assembly to support for legislation on education policies

Developing educational platforms for presidential/National Assembly/local/educational board superintendent elections

Promoting solidarity and cooperation with social organizations and public officials' organizations and developing opinions in the community of educators